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Bijgewerkt op: 15 mrt. 2023


We have been busy for some months already so it’s about time for a proper introduction.

KARA (from Χαρά, meaning 'joy' in Greek) has been founded by Celeste, a classical music student from Amsterdam, with the invaluable help and guidance from cellist Jasper den Hond, currently studying in Rotterdam.

During this year we saw a surge in the use of classical music happening literally everywhere. Pop artists are increasingly using strings (violin, viola, cello, double bass) in their music, as well as spoken word artists and even rappers. Classical music is also seeing a rise in TV shows and in a range of different types of events, from weddings to club nights and in all other types of creative outings.

We were already playing with a number of artists when we saw the popularity of classical music increase, and we felt a major urge to start our company in order to connect (young) classical musicians with other artists and event organizers.

So, last July we decided that we just needed to make the start. No matter the money, no matter the circumstances. There will never be a perfect moment to begin something new anyway.

We started building our website by ourselves (because: no money), offering services in providing musicians, making (remote) recordings and composing music arrangements. We started networking, and soon enough we were getting invites to play at many different events.

So far we have already performed with 76 different musicians at a wide variety of events in only a few months time! We did recordings, formal balls, pop concerts, music videos, spoken word performances and even a rap tour.

For us it means a lot to see how different music styles can be combined so effortlessly. It doesn't matter what style you prefer or which instrument you play, we all speak the same language through our music. And with this language we can find creative pathways through different cultures and communities, connecting musicians and audiences, and finding common ground through something we all love: music.

Our musicians come from all over the world: the Netherlands, Serbia, Portugal, Indonesia, Russia, Poland, Palestine, Spain, Venezuela, Italy, France, Argentina, and so on. It is truly something extraordinary to make music with people with such diverse backgrounds.

KARA comes from the Greek Χαρά, meaning 'joy'. Music has the ability to make one's voice heard, to empower, to unite, overcome, teach, console, let go... it can bring us comfort in times of loneliness or sadness. At the end of the day, we all want to be happy with whatever it is we're doing. Through music we bring this joy, so there's no better word to remind us of the important job we're doing in music than KARA.

With that being said, welcome to our world! We would love to share our music experiences with you or even work together with you. We would also love to come by and make some music for you. Either way, welcome and we hope to see you soon!

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