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Music programs

We offer fixed music programs with the most gorgeous (background-) music for weddings and events. Think of wonderful romantic music, film music and ballads.

We have created ten programs of each an hour with the possibility to purchase half an hour of music extra.

Each music program consists of two times 30 minutes of music (with an optional 30 minutes extra). Each of these 'music blocks' contains beautiful pieces all connected to the next one so there won't be any silences or long page turns.

We take all the organization out of your hands: no need to look for musicians, no need to look for the music, we have fixed prices and even last-minute options.

The only thing you need to tell us is the date and the formation you prefer and you're all set! Of course we'll plan in a call with you to make everything exactly the way you dream about. 

Check out the formations below:

The Dansant - Tulpenbal 2022_54.jpg

Formations and programs


Do you need a little help choosing the perfect ensemble for your wedding or event? We'll be happy to listen to your ideas and make some suggestions! Write us or give us a call.

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